9 steps show how our experts proceed within an agreed strategic framework for action

Take a moment to watch the animation stepwise.

target-operating-model 1

1 What we deliver

is a Target Operating Model that is tailored together with the company to the needs of the Value Chain to be improved.

target-operating-model 2

2 The Field of action

is what is agreed in order to serve the previously set goals as comprehensively as possible in the field between Customer and Supplier.

3 The strategic framework

for this, in whole or in part, is the Transformation to the jointly defined goal of in field between the customers demand and the realting suppliers.

target-operating-model 4

4 We transform holistically,

starting with the respective departments and ending with the IT infrastructure to serve the entire End-to-End process.

target-operating-model 5

5 Holistic thinking is

more than traditional supply chain management. It looks at the agreed aspects in the V​alue Chain and connects them with each other.

target-operating-model 6

6 All relevant departments

are brought into a continuous improvement process including a Transformation Mgmt. Office (TMO) to optimise value creation starting with the customer.

target-operating-model 7

7 Change management

is an important part of achieving Excellence in Execution. We support the coaching of the employees in the respective areas.

target-operating-model 8

8 The contribution margin

is the target we have in mind. The control and associated KPIs are coordinated together with the company and improved.

target-operating-model 9

9 Individual steps

are the measure of an evolutionary approach. Tools, processes and stakeholders are aligned with the agreed objectives.