Our 9-Step Process
For Strategic ​Supply Chain Improvement

What We Deliver
We provide a tailored Target Operating Model designed to meet the specific needs of your Value Chain. 

Target operating model step 1


Target operating model step 2
Field Of Action
We set and agree on clear goals to comprehensively improve the interaction between Customer and Supplier. 


Target operating model step 3
Strategic Framework
We create a strategic framework to transform the supply chain, aligning customer demand with supplier capabilities. 


Target operating model step 4
Holistic Transformation
We ensure a holistic transformation, from individual departments to IT infrastructure, covering the entire End-to-End process. 


Target operating model step 5
Holistic Thinking
Our approach goes beyond traditional supply chain management, connecting all aspects of the Value Chain to maximize efficiency.


Target operating model step 6
Continuous Improvement
We involve all relevant departments in a continuous improvement process, supported by a Transformation Management Office (TMO) to enhance value creation starting from the customer. 


Target operating model step 7
Change Management
Effective change management is crucial for achieving Excellence in Execution. We coach employees to ensure successful implementation. 


Target operating model step 8
Contribution Margin
Our goal is to improve your contribution margin. We collaborate with you to set and refine KPIs for optimal control and improvement. 


Target operating model step 9
Evolutionary Steps
We follow an evolutionary approach, aligning tools, processes, and stakeholders with the agreed objectives for continuous progress.