Supply-Chain Design
easy & smart

We provide AI-based tools
to design or re-structure disrupted supply chains

in minimal lead times.

To whom can you sell this car?

Fragile supply chains lead to existential problems

Acting in time and working with the right suppliers are critical success factors 

Innovative design is the game changer in competition


Missing Parts in supply chain

to be mastered

Politicization and sanctions stress supply chains
in a global dimension and force decoupling from dependencies, suppliers and markets

to get the right fit

With graphical and AI-based tools catuuga enables you to gain more orientation and opportunities for sustainabilty and resiliance in supply chains

Project engineers & innovative CPO say: 
"These times are the opportunity for new ways"


many people are using search engines to find solutions.

Thousands of unstructured sites create confusion


catuuga orchestrate a huge number of solution provider

by scanning the web, detecting  innovations and raising the bar in your industry

Our approach

to lead superior solutions is

​ to manage the dialog, to ask the right questions and to use catuuga’s expertise and toolbox 

Experts ready to escort
Use cases out of the box
Countries landed
Solution partner
Time savings
Reusability to refine

Our customer
want more

- innovation, 

- speed, 

- competitiveness, 

- resilience 

in their supply chains.

man standing in front of people sitting beside table with laptop computers

Our customers


to achieve independence in supply chains, because with globalisation and cost reduction efforts, they find themselves dependent on certain regions or countries like China. 

In an effort to remove this dependence, they restructure their supply design and supplier portfolio.

two men facing each other while shake hands and smiling

Our customers

the right suppliers, competences and and solutiones by closing the gap of skill- & labour-shortage.

Implemented by transforming, maintaining structured, re-usable corporate expertise.

Accumulate new expertise from solution sources, brought by internal and external resources as well.

500.000 people, wants to improve the wealth of innovation.

Take their motivation into account