About us and our vision

We have the way to the solution you need

  1. Connecting the right suppliers

  2. Closing the gap of skill & labour shortage

  3. Access to the right competence

  4. Maintaining re-usable knowledge

More Details

Our customers need

innovation, speed, competitiveness and resilience in the supply chains

We are experts in

Innovation potential ->  ​​Make better and smarter products
Time to Market -> Be the first
Costing  -> ​ ​Secure gross margin
Resili​ence ​ ->​ ​ ​Deliver in quality and in time

Our vision

We create
the perfectly tailored solution


You maintain
for the long run

Dr. Martin Schotten, COO

Restructuring and operational efficency is what I have done at international global players.

Having sense for numbers I also the head of data science.

M. Krafft, CPO

There is nearly no place in the world, I have been re-build the supply chain for european market leader.

My heart burns for logistics, puchasing & sourcing in a global context.

Frank-W. Lutze, CEO, CIO

Founder & Shareholder
Joining people & technology is the paradigm I live for in global acting ERP and E-Commerce companies.  Here I was
responsible for sales and product owning as well.

Strategic planning and the belonging execution is the center of my life.


catuuga GmbH

Amtsgericht München HRB: 282660
Geschäftsführer:  Dr. Martin Schotten, Marcus Krafft, Frank-Walter Lutze 

Geschäftsanschrift: Killerstr. 13a - 82166 Gräfelfing

Mail: info@catuuga.com